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September 13, 2017
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BaiKu Sushi Lounge is well-known for serving up beautiful, freshly-made sushi in St. Louis, but who’s the talented genius behind the counter? Say hello to Kenji, our incredibly talented sushi chef!

As the owner of four sushi restaurants (two in Japan and two in Honolulu), Kenji’s aunt introduced him to the wonderful world of sushi. Kenji began working part-time in various restaurants when he was 16 years old and started learning how to make sushi, which is a delicate process that involves a lot of talent, patience, and love for food. Kenji began making sushi when he was only 19 years old, and 41 years later, he’s still dishing out delectable sushi dishes!

Aside from his aunt’s influence, Kenji decided to stick with sushi when he served the cuisine in the 1980s. “It was sushi that no one had ever seen here in town,” he said. “Working at BaiKu allows me to relay this culture to the next generation.” Kenji gains inspiration by watching a lot of Japanese cooking shows on TV, which show not just sushi but also an assortment of regional Japanese dishes.

When Kenji isn’t doing what he does best here at BaiKu, you can find him sleeping, relaxing, or playing a little bit of golf!

Be sure to stop by BaiKu Sushi Lounge to enjoy some of Kenji’s amazing creations!


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