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Here at BaiKu Sushi Lounge, we are changing the experience in the St Louis sushi scene. Due to a more intimate location, we are able to focus on the quality of the food and the experience with our service staff able engage with our customers.  Our DJs and live music on weekends, adds that next-level experience to every individual experience, providing many layers of why people would want to come to BaiKu Sushi Lounge.  The concepts and styles here provide a different atmosphere for St. Louis, and so there is an interested group of people who appreciate the intimate details and design within the our location, menu, and experience.The term “baiku” means motorcycle in Japanese.  It’s a full-circle definition, bringing us back to our unique location. We are located in the Mid-Town Moto Complex with Triumph Grill, Moto Europa, and the Moto Museum.

The leading focus we promote to our fan base and potential customers is our dedication to providing the freshest fish in St. Louis.  Here at BaiKu we frequently have fish flown in directly.


“The freshness and variety of fish is something I haven’t seen in other St. Louis restaurants or even in the country for that matter,” – Brad Beracha, partner at BaiKu.

At BaiKu, we feature one of the only sake programs available in St. Louis inspired by Monica Samuels, whom was the first Master of Sake graduate in the US.  We offer a sake and wine list that provides categories specific to the pairings with the meal highlighted by the Tears Of Dawn (sake), Ama-San (creative cocktail), and “The Ned” Pino Gris (white wine).

sake selection at BaiKu Sushi Bar

By having the best sushi and Asian fusion dinner menu in St. Louis, we must give due credit to our outstanding chefs who have been with us since BaiKu Sushi Lounge opened in October of 2014. Chef Soung, Chef Norris, and Chef Cooper work tirelessly every day to provide the best sushi and Japanese cuisine in the business. The sushi menu is the work of Chef Soung, where the inspired Japanese cuisine coming from the kitchen is a collaboration between Chef Norris and Cooper.

Chef Norris grew up in Hawaii, so he was able to bring in some special ramen dishes as well as his own personal creation, the Ahi Poke (salad).  With his background in Asian cuisine, he was a big help in engineering the menu on the hot food side.  Chef Cooper will be the Executive Chef starting in April and is extremely talented at creating dishes, flavor profiles and presentation.  Chef Soung is very creative; he is coming into his own with his work behind the Sushi bar.  He has his own original delicious sauces and specialty dishes; which are where food and art come together for him.

At BaiKu Sushi Lounge, we love to provide variety in tandem with our fresh fish approach.  Every week Chef Soung reaches out to different fish providers, and discusses what fish they have available, prices, and weekly specials (if any); and then he makes a decision about which specialty fish he will bring in for that week. Chef Soung makes all fish selections based on his past and selections of fresh fish he has used previously, or based on recommendations from the sales rep and the flavor profile that they describe. If Chef Soung feels he can prepare a dish with that profile, or add a bit of flare from his own imaginative background, customers are sure to see something new and unique on the menu.

Our menus (both sushi and kitchen) are filled with delectable dishes that are specialty preparations from the creative minds of our chefs.  The Specialty Nigiri is one of the best options we offer; it showcases the imagination and the specialty of preparation.  From the sushi bar our most signature dishes are the Tuna Tiradito and the Red Dragon Rolls, which were designed in the artistic mind of Chef Soung.  Delicious dishes coming out of the kitchen are the excellent Lobster Dumplings and the Hawaiian Saimin, which were invented by the intellectual Chef Norris. These are the most interesting dishes, and provide the chefs the greatest enjoyment to make.


The inside of the lounge is extremely beautiful featuring a gorgeous fireplace and trendy decor.  However, once summer hits, grab your friends or work colleagues because our patio will be open as well.  We are currently installing sun sails above the patio, which will only improve the outdoor experience we provide.  A garden and a fireplace on the patio serve as centerpieces between the few tables and sectionals, providing a relaxing intimate outdoor scene overlooking the grounds of St. Louis University.

At BaiKu Sushi Lounge, customers can find the freshest fish served in an atmosphere unlike any other in St. Louis!  We are providing a structured sake program, and a sushi menu created in house from the mind of our artistic chefs.  The staff is trained with extensive detail to every dish, beverage, and experience we can provide.  Our chefs and staff are looking forward to meeting you and supplying the freshest fish options on the market, and providing the creative aspect all sushi and Japanese cuisine deserve to be paired with.



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